02 July, 2014

Gamecca Magazine July 2014

Happy Fifth Birthday Gamecca!

The July 2014 issue (issue 61) is now available. As announced in the last issue, Gamecca and Gladget Magazines have now merged, creating an awesome "super-magazine" for our readers to enjoy.

In this issue we round up E3 2014, review 9 games, look at a bunch of awesome tech, introduce a whole new section and much, much more!

10 April, 2014

VIDEO: The Artistry of Child of Light

Those that say that video games aren't a form of artistic expression need to take a good hard look at Child of Light when it launches on the 30th of April, 2014.

In this video, Ubisoft gives us a further look at the artistry behind the game, elaborating on their collaboration with composer Coeur de Pirate and theatrical experts Cirque de Soleil Media.

The Last of Us Heading to PS4

The last of Us was heaped with praise and awards from the video game industry. Now developer Naughty Dog is working on a version of this exciting and highly entertaining adventure game for the PS4.

VIDEO: Wolfenstein: The New Order "Nowhere to Run"

Set in an alternate history that sees the Nazis win World War 2, Wolfenstein: The New Order promises to be crammed with action for fans and newcomers alike.

Take a look at the latest trailer for the newest addition to the franchise that started first-person shooters.

VIDEO: The Evil Within

The Evil Within is a game that aims to recapture the true essence of Survival Horror games. Developed by Tango Works (under the guidance of Shinji Mikami), The Evil Within promises truly tense moments for those that dare to try it.

Take a look at this new game play trailer for more hints at what to expect...

13 February, 2014

New AC4 Multiplayer DLC

Guild of Rogues, the latest DLC pack for Assassin's Creed 4's multiplayer offering, is now available.

Guild of Rogues introduces three new playable characters: The Siren, The Stowaway and the Shaman. Two new maps - including the fan favourite Charlestown map from AC3 - will be available on the 17th of February.

And, as a bonus, those who have a Season Pass will find this new DLC included in their benefits!

Zombies Fight Back

Dying Light will allow players to take on zombies, but with a difference... in this one, the zombies are far more dangerous...

Check out this new trailer for a sneak peek...

A Pre-Game Taste

If you're too impatient to wait for the release of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (which is due on the 28th of February for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC) then there's a demo out for you to try.

The demo gives the player full control over Dracula and his castle, and acts as a prelude to the full title.

If you're keen, you can find it on PSN, Xbox Live or steam, depending on your preference of system.

New Thief Trailer

The release of the new Thief title - the first in a very long time - is just days away. One of the first major releases for 2014, Thief will take players back to it's stealth-oriented game dynamic and steam-punk world, presenting a highly anticipated first-person action title.

Check out the latest trailer here:

11 February, 2014

Crazy on the Big Screen

It would seem that the popularity of the Rabbids, those crazy rabbit-things that started out as villains in the Rayman video game series, is spreading to the big screen. That's right, there is a Rabbids movie in the works.

11 December, 2013

Almost There!

South African PlayStation fans have had to wait while many other territories in the world have managed to get their hands on the PS4. That wait is almost over… the PS4 launches in South Africa this Friday, the 13th of December 2013.

Last night saw the launch event take place, with members of the press and other industry insiders attending an exclusive event in Sandton, Gauteng. Amid the awesome blue d├ęcor and numerous PS4s showing off great games, we managed to speak to Mario dos Santos, CEO of Ster Kinekor Entertainment (the official distributors of the PS4 in South Africa) about what eager fans can expect on Friday.

12 November, 2013

Can't Hear You!

There is a lot of back and forth between the PS4 and Xbox One camps, with new information surfacing about the two consoles almost daily in the rush towards release. And not all of the news is making potential customers happy.

11 November, 2013

No "Out the Box" for XO Early Adopters

While South Africans have just over a month to wait for the launch of the PlayStation 4, word of the Xbox One arrival is still forthcoming. Release dates and pricing for the new Microsoft console have yet to be confirmed.

It will be launching on the 22nd of November at a price point of US$499 in other areas of the world... but there's a little problem waiting for those that are eager to get going on their new Xbox One. It won't run anything... at least not until a day one mandatory system update has been performed.